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One of the most important and overlooked things regarding the landscape of your home or business is making sure that it is graded properly. The grade or slope of your yard needs to be pitched correctly to ensure that it does not cause any structural damage down the road. At JL Property Services, LLC we use laser grading technology to ensure that your yard will be pitched properly when we are finished. This may include removing "cutting" into the grade or adding "filling" the grade.

How Do I Know If I Need Grading Done At My Property?

The easiest way to tell if you have any grading issues is usually after a rainfall. In most cases there will be water pooled in a certain area of the yard where it is not supposed to be. In some cases there may be water entering through the foundation walls of the building. In other cases there may be a certain area of the yard that is always soft or spongy when you walk over it. These are all signs that there may be some problems with the existing grade of your property.

Types Of Grading Services Provided

JL Property Services, LLC offers several different types of grading services including:

  • New Construction (rough and finish grade)
  • Existing / Renovation
  • Swale Cuts
  • Seeding / Sod installation
  • Drainage Solutions (please visit our drainage page for more details)
  • Planting Bed Renovation / Berm Installation

Over time, yards both residential and commercial will settle and may create serious and costly problems, so call JL Property Services, LLC before it's too late!

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