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Concrete Edging

We are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded hardscaping crew with a niche specialty in concrete edging. With a wide spectrum of concrete colors and stamps available to you, there's no limit to the outdoor aesthetic you can create with the help of our team. Add distinction and durability to your property with concrete edging by JL Property Services, LLC.

Our skilled landscaping and hardscaping professionals design and install outstanding concrete edging for homes and businesses alike. In addition to adding a unique aesthetic touch, your landscape edging will perfectly accommodate all the features of your property.

Elevate the look of your garden, backyard, and flower beds. Speak with our contractors today to find out how. To learn more about our services, contact us at (262) 853-5621.

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JL Property Services, LLC’s Customizable Concrete Edging Options

Our team understands that every property has its own unique charm that makes it special to you. We give you the option to customize your concrete edging so it has the look you want. Our team specializes in laying and stamping your concrete to give it a unique appearance that matches your landscape’s aesthetic.

Below, you can review our customization options to understand the benefits of each one and decide which is best for you.

Natural Stone Edging

Natural stone edging brings a classic and elegant look to any outdoor space. The style of natural stone creates a seamless flow between your garden and walkway and complements both a manicured landscape and the wild beauty of nature.

Our experts give your concrete the appearance of several individual stones, each unique in color and shape, contributing to a design that's as distinct as your property.

Wood Plank Edging

Wood plank edging is the perfect choice for a more rustic look that matches a house lined with wooden features or a landscape populated with trees.

Creating the impression of wood planks includes stamping the concrete with wood patterns. This requires a precise touch, and you can be confident that our expert technicians take great care to line up each stamp and measure carefully to achieve a seamless look of natural wood throughout your concrete edging.

Traditional Slant Edging

Traditional slant edging provides a sleek, angled approach to garden delineation. It offers a contemporary aesthetic with its clean lines and subtle slope. The slant design ensures easy lawn mowing and maintenance, creating a crisp border that accentuates the beauty of your flower beds.

Traditional slant edging can be tailored to your home's exterior and the surrounding landscape, providing a sophisticated yet practical look. Whether looking for a modern vibe or a transitional effect, traditional slant edging offers durable elegance and a professional finish to any garden project.

Smooth and Flawless Landscape Edging

Edging is one of the most popular hardscaping features, as it allows property owners to create sharp and precise borders for their soft landscaping, such as planting beds or borders.

With a barrier, you can prevent grass and weeds from encroaching into your garden and flower beds. Shrubbery, paths, and terraces can be further enhanced with custom edging. Our clients frequently request our concrete curbing services for:

  • Garden beds
  • Pathways
  • Playgrounds
  • Pool areas
  • Trees
  • Bordering turf
  • And more

To see some examples of the many applications of concrete edging, we invite you to browse our portfolio of work on our gallery page.


Custom Decorative Concrete Curb Edging

While there are countless options available for edging materials, such as shape, layout, color, and patterns, decorative concrete stands out from the rest. It is flexible and versatile, allowing for different curb angles: straight lines and curves. It offers unmatched durability and a unique appearance, as well.

The professionals at JL Property Services, LLC can install your decorative concrete edging with unmatched precision, enhancing your home or business's property for years to come. Contact us today to learn the difference concrete edging can make for your property.

Colored Concrete Edging

Colored concrete edging exudes a customized flair, allowing you to match or contrast elements of your outdoor space. By integrating colors, your curb edge becomes an integral aesthetic feature rather than just a boundary. You can choose from a wide array of hues, ranging from earthy tones to vibrant shades, making it easy to find the one that complements your overall landscape and property design.

Textured Concrete Edging

In addition to color options, textured concrete edging provides an added dimension of visual interest. By imprinting patterns onto the surface of the concrete, you can achieve a more natural and organic appearance, mimicking the look of stone, wood, or brick.

This type of edging can be tailored to closely match the texture of your home or surrounding features, making it perfect for creating a cohesive look throughout your outdoor space.

Concrete Edging Repair and Maintenance to Keep Your Yard Looking Beautiful

As with any other outdoor feature, concrete edging may require occasional repair and maintenance to keep it looking its best. We can easily patch small cracks with specialized concrete crack filler. For larger cracks or sections that have shifted, we can remove the damaged area and replace it with new concrete.

Regular maintenance of your concrete edging is also important to preserve its longevity. This can include pressure washing to remove built-up dirt and debris, resealing the edges to prevent water damage, and removing any weeds or grass that may grow between the edging and your lawn.

Our team is happy to provide ongoing concrete maintenance services to ensure your landscape looks its best year-round.

Exceptional Garden Concrete Edging Designs

When you're looking for a company to help you effectively and affordably define your garden beds with concrete edging, look no further than JL Property Services, LLC. Our team of landscaping and hardscaping experts has extensive experience designing and installing various concrete curbing for gardens, trees, and lawns.

From matching the natural contour of your landscape to cutting-edge designs that help your property stand out, our team does it all.

When you hire us, you can expect to receive the following:

  • Comprehensive design consultations
  • Free price estimates
  • Design-forward concrete edging
  • Efficient project turnarounds
  • Thorough safety inspections
  • Long-lasting work
  • Friendly customer service
  • ...and much more!

Customizable Concrete Edging Services

When you partner with us for concrete edging services, you gain access to an experienced team that offers customizable design services. Whether your property has multiple garden beds, a long front curb, or a single tree, our team can help you frame and organize your yard the way you like it.

Our concrete edging services are designed to increase your home's curb appeal and stand the test of time. We use highly durable materials that can withstand weather and pests, and we offer follow-up maintenance services to ensure your lawn looks its best no matter what mother nature throws its way.

During your consultation, our design team will take the time to listen to your preferences and get to know your vision for your property. Then, we'll work collaboratively with you to provide the best possible service. Whether you want a basic concrete edge or an eye-catching border around your favorite flowers, our team has you covered.

Experienced Concrete Edging Landscapers

We know what it takes to deliver top-quality concrete edging services. Over the years, our team has helped countless property owners improve the health and appearance of their lawns with our decorative and functional curbing.

Our experienced landscapers have the skills and resources to deliver top-quality work on residential and commercial properties and have an extensive portfolio of previous work we'd be happy to show you. We've established a reputation for excellence through hard work and dedication to fulfilling all our promises.

Our business philosophy is centered around fairness and transparency, and we go above and beyond to satisfy your unique project requirements with excellent service and high-quality curbing products that last. We're confident we're the right choice for your next edging project, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Creative Garden Edging Ideas

Adding concrete edging to your gardens and planter beds enhances your property's aesthetic appeal and serves a functional purpose. It reduces the growth of weeds and unwanted plants, giving your backyard a personalized touch and enabling you to create the outdoor space of your dreams.

Our team of detail-oriented technicians specializes in creating long-lasting designs. We have a team of design experts, landscaping technicians, and customer service representatives who work together to cater to your specific preferences and surpass your expectations.

Affordable Concrete Edging

A gorgeous yard doesn't have to be out of your budget when you work with a company dedicated to providing affordable concrete edging. Around here, that's us. We provide free quotes and transparent pricing information on our services to help you make informed decisions that complement your budget.

When you work with us, you can expect to maximize the return on your landscaping investment. Phone our team today to find out how.

No-Obligation Hardscaping Quotes

In our mission to provide you with personalized customer experience, our contractors will meet you with on-site, at no obligation to you, for an in-depth consultation. Book an appointment with us, and we'll send one of our certified contractors to your property. We'll survey your outdoor space with you firsthand and listen to your ideas and desired outcome. We'll also show you the many different concrete colors and patterns that our company can source for you, and if you like, help you select the one that matches your home exterior perfectly. From there, we'll take note of all the measurements we need to calculate an accurate cost estimate.

Rest assured, our quotes aren't loose, verbal estimates. We consider all related fees, from material and delivery charges to the cost of labor, to put together a precise, accurate quote for your budgeting convenience.

Stamped Concrete Curbing

Custom stamps can transform concrete to look like brick, stone, slate, and more. Thanks to the impressive collection of designs and color mixtures that, your options are virtually endless.

Plus, we utilize premium colors and sealers for all our projects, meaning your color will stay vibrant and eye-catching. Generally, resealing your concrete is a wise maintenance practice to prevent fading, but it only has to be done every couple of years. Speak with us about the recommended resealing schedule for your concrete additions.

Versatile Edging Solutions

Flower Beds, Walkways, and More

We will begin with an initial consultation and assessment, realizing your needs and goals for your landscape. We'll carefully inspect your property and make recommendations that compliment your new or existing landscape. Our team will create an edging design that fulfills all your practical and aesthetic needs.

Concrete Edging for a Cleaner Look to Your Landscape

Concrete edging is a great way to give your landscape a clean, polished look. It can be used to create sharp lines and definitions between different areas of your yard or to tidy up the edges of your flower beds.

With a bit of time and effort, you can achieve a professional-looking landscape that will add value to your home.

Prevent Weeds and Grass from Encroaching into Garden Beds

Weeds and grass can be a problem in any garden. They compete with plants for water and nutrients, and their relentless growth can quickly turn a neat border into a messy tangle. One way to control weeds and grass is to use concrete edging.

This edging provides a physical barrier preventing weeds and grass from encroaching into garden beds. In addition, concrete edging helps to define the shape of garden beds, making it easier to maintain tidy borders.

For best results, concrete edging should be installed before planting. This will ensure that the edges are straight and level and help prevent damage to roots when the edging is installed. When installed correctly, concrete edging can effectively control weeds and grass in the garden.

Improve the Drainage of Your Landscape

As any landscaper will tell you, proper drainage is essential for a healthy landscape. Without proper drainage, water can pool on your yard's surface, causing your plants' roots to rot. Additionally, standing water is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests.

One way to improve the drainage of your landscape is to install concrete edging around your flower beds and other planting areas. Concrete edging acts as a barrier, directing water away from your plants and preventing it from pooling on the surface of your yard.

In addition, concrete edging can help to control erosion, protecting your plants from being washed away by heavy rains. As a result, concrete edging is an effective and affordable way to improve the drainage of your landscape.

Durable Concrete Edging That'll Last for Years

Concrete edging is popular for landscaping because it is durable and long-lasting. Unlike other types of edging, such as wood or plastic, concrete edging will not rot or degrade when exposed to the elements.

In addition, concrete edging is very strong and can withstand heavy foot traffic without breaking or cracking. As a result, concrete edging is an ideal choice for high-traffic areas, such as walkways and paths.

Best of all, concrete edging is very low maintenance. Once installed, you can forget about it and enjoy your beautiful landscape for years.

Concrete Curbing Installation

Our contractors have honed the installation process down to a tried and true sequence of events that consistently deliver showstopping results. Generally, standard residential edging projects can be finished within the day. Larger, more complex jobs may span several days. In either case, you can expect our team to provide you with accurate time estimates, and your project supervisor will always be on hand to answer your questions along the way.

Our installation procedure is a well-oiled machine made up of several steps, which are:

  1. Our crew members will cut the sod, remove the grass, and level the ground for the concrete.
  2. We’ll masterfully create the pre-designed form in preparation for the concrete pour.
  3. Our team will precisely combine the concrete and color mix on-site to create an optimally durable concrete product.
  4. We’ll feed the concrete mixture into our state-of-the-art machine for a flawless concrete pour.
  5. We’ll apply your pre-selected stamp impressions while the concrete is wet, and install precautionary control joints to account for potential ground movement. When the concrete has cured, we’ll apply a top-grade sealant.

The last step is our client’s favorite part of the process: showing off an elegant, edge-enhanced lawn for the whole block to see.

Landscape Edging: Precise Concrete Pours

As leaders in hardscaping and decorative concrete, we use only the highest quality concrete combined with the best available equipment. What’s more, we precisely measure and record color, aggregate, cement, and all other substances to maintain flawless concrete consistency. We'll pour and mold the concrete with the utmost precision and complete a distinctive pattern and look.

In no time, you'll be preparing your newly edged flower beds.

Pre-Cast Concrete Edging

Many of our clients opt for pre-cast concrete edging services, and we’re happy to oblige. We partner with best-in-class suppliers to source an astounding variety of pre-cast concrete styles.

Add Concrete Curbing to All Landscapes

We provide concrete edging services to both homes and businesses. Properties of all sizes or topography levels can be beautified with custom edging. Straight lines, undulating curves, and 90° corners are no match for our concrete craftsmen. You can count on us to install your curbing to fit your landscape like a glove.

Based on your schedule and budget, we will add custom hardscaping touches that your property needs. The curbing shape you choose will offer even more personalization to the hardscape. Choose from a broad array of concrete profiles, including:

  • Mower edge
  • Dome edge
  • Border edge
  • Sloping border
  • Lane divider
  • And more

There are so many different ways to customize your concrete edge that your lawn is sure to stand out. Plus, thanks to the incredible strength and weather-resistance of concrete, with minimal maintenance, it will likely be the last lawn border you’ll ever need to install. Your edging will retain its appearance and condition for years, offering exceptional resistance to the elements.

Flexible Scheduling Options from Your Landscapers

Our goal is to be nothing short of the first-choice landscaping crew in town. Every part of our clients' experience with our company is deeply important to us, and your convenience is no exception. That's why we strive to maintain flexible scheduling options and consistent, open appointment availability. Book your hardscaping service when it works for your schedule, not the other way around.

Contact our friendly administrative staff to find a convenient appointment time today.

Skilled Hardscaping Professionals

Our landscapers have been serving property owners in the area for a number of years. Our full range of services is tailored to the needs of each home or business owner.

Our team is experienced, qualified, and has extensive skills and training in concrete pouring and landscape design. We use the latest and most innovative tools and methods to offer creative, artistic hardscaping additions that last for years. Our edging will prove to be the perfect addition to your property.

Add a personal touch to your residential or commercial property with custom edging.

Add Concrete Edging to Your Property

Whether you are an avid green thumb or simply wish to add a unique touch to your landscape, JL Property Services, LLC can help. Our concrete edges are perfect for any home or business.

Contact us to learn more.

Why Concrete Edging Over Traditional Edging Systems?

Decorative concrete edging has the flexibility to follow multiple curves and terrains, allowing for greater creativity in your landscape design. It does not rust like steel edging, break and lift like plastic edging or rot like wood. This makes it the perfect "maintenance free" landscape material.

What Are the Benefits of Concrete Edging?

In addition to being a sharp, visual attraction to your lawn, concrete curbing also has several practical benefits. Concrete curbing:

  • Provides a root barrier for gardens
  • Saves you time on trimming turf
  • Does not shift or separate

Decorative concrete edging provides a permanent, durable and professional barrier for weeds while keeping mulch and landscape material in the planting bed (where it should be)! It reduces time consuming trimming as your mower can cut to the edging, unlike wood or plastic edging which can be damaged by your lawn equipment or damage the equipment.

Where Can Concrete Edging Be Used?

Decorative concrete edging can be used anywhere traditional edging can be installed. Planting beds, mailboxes, flag poles, playgrounds, sandboxes, ponds or pools are just some of the options. Tree rings can be a problem for traditional edging due to the roots, however concrete edging can give you the look that you want without being harmful to the tree because it is poured at grade level and above crucial roots that may need to be removed during installation of other edging.

Are There Any Cost Benefits To Concrete Edging?

Concrete edging is a specialty service that we offer to our clients. Adding concrete edging to our list of landscape services offered separates JL Property Services, LLC from other landscape contractors because we are your one contractor from start to finish for your landscape needs. With our experience installing miles of edging in the past 6 years we are sure to provide the quality and service that you would expect. This experience allows us to complete your project in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner. Expect your new concrete edging to last for many years beyond traditional edging methods (metal, plastic, etc.), saving you time and money of replacing your edging every few years.

Commercial Concrete Edging Services

We’re pleased to extend our edging expertise to commercial entities in the area. Our company is extremely proud to contribute to the beauty of our local community through quality concrete solutions for all properties. We’ve designed, installed, and maintained concrete curbing for:

  • Parks
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Golf courses
  • Restaurants
  • Retail centers
  • And more

No job is too big or too small. We welcome all inquiries—just drop us a line.

Your Landscaper's Satisfaction Guarantee

We're so confident in the skill of our concrete craftsmen that we have no qualms about offering a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. When you partner with us, you can always expect:

  • Prompt, friendly service
  • Convenient scheduling options
  • No-obligation consultations
  • Accurate quotes
  • A wide selection of concrete stamps and colors
  • Certified landscapers

The bottom line is, if you're not satisfied, we're not finished.

Trust the Pros at JL Property Services, LLC for Your Concrete Edging Needs

If you're looking for high-quality concrete edging, trust the pros at JL Property Services, LLC. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done right, and we offer a wide variety of concrete edging services.

Whether you're looking for simple, functional concrete edging or something more decorative, we have the perfect solution to suit your needs. So you can sit back and relax while we care for all the hard work.

Benefits of Hiring a Landscaper for Concrete Edging Installation

Taking the professional route for landscaping projects is often the best route. When you decide to install concrete edging to separate two types of ground, we recommend leaving it to the pros. When you partner with JL Property Services, LLC, we’ll take care of the installation process, ensuring it’s completed to perfection. In addition to receiving stunning results, you can benefit from the following:

  • Our ability to help you avoid unforeseen problems, oversights, and expensive mistakes
  • Our overwhelming knowledge of installing concrete edging the right way
  • Our guarantee of professional quality work

While landscaping can be a fun DIY project, some projects should always be left to the pros—and fast-setting concrete is one of them. Are you planning to install concrete edging in your yard? We'd love to help! Call us today to get started.

Professionally Crafted Concrete Edging for a Beautiful Yard

Landscape edging does an excellent job of emphasizing unique areas in your yard, and concrete outshines all other materials in performing this job. Selecting a material that compliments your yard, offers versatility, and is highly durable is important. That’s why, when you hire our crew to install your new edging, we’ll work with you to decide the best color and design for your concrete border.

Whether you’re looking for something subtle or bold, we can promise that the concrete material we install will be of the highest quality. By the time the installation is complete, your yard will have an enhanced beauty and organization that will prevail for years.

Enhance Your Driveway with Our Concrete Edging Services

Many people associate concrete edging with landscape gardens and trees. However, we can assure you that edging can be used for virtually anything in your yard, including enhancing your driveway. If you're looking for a cost-effective way to highlight your driveway, we recommend installing concrete edging, and here’s why:

  • Polished aesthetic appeal
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Improved run-off control and drainage
  • …and more!

Concrete edging is a practical and stylish way to enhance your driveway without wasting time and effort. Let us know how we can help you achieve an elevated driveway by booking a consultation!

Maintain Your Garden’s Appearance with Our Concrete Edging Services

Concrete edging is an excellent way to maintain your garden’s appearance and tidiness because it provides a defined border that separates your flowers and other plants from other areas of your property. Installing this clear border helps prevent grass, weeds, and other unwanted plants from encroaching on your garden, keeping it neat, tidy, and beautiful.

Concrete edging can also help contain mulch or rocks, preventing them from spilling onto your lawn or driveway. Aside from these benefits, one of the most common reasons this garden material has become so popular is because it adds a touch of elegance to yards, as it can be customized to match a home's landscape aesthetic.

So, if you've already spent the time and effort building a beautiful garden, we say finish it off by adding concrete edging. Are you interested in learning about our installation service? Give us a call to book a consultation.

Speak with a Concrete Specialist Today

Ready to add that missing "edge" of style to your lawn? JL Property Services, LLC is at your service for reliable, affordable, and professional concrete curbing services. Our landscaping company boasts an unmatched selection of concrete patterns and colors, so you can let your creativity run wild. Our clients commend us for our dedication to customer satisfaction and attention to detail.

Contact us today to book your consultation. We can't wait to hear from you.