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Add distinction and durability to your property with concrete edging by JL Property Services, LLC.

Our skilled landscaping and hardscaping professionals design and install outstanding concrete edging for homes and businesses alike. In addition to adding a unique aesthetic touch, your landscape edging will perfectly accommodate all the features of your property.

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Smooth and Flawless Landscape Edging

Edging is one of the most popular hardscaping features, as it allows property owners to create sharp and precise borders for their soft landscaping, such as planting beds or borders.

With a barrier, you can prevent grass and weeds from encroaching into your garden and flower beds. Shrubbery, paths, and terraces can be further enhanced with custom edging.

Custom Decorative Concrete Curb Edging

While there are countless options available for edging materials, such as shape, layout, color, and patterns, decorative concrete stands out from the rest. It is flexible and versatile, allowing for different curb angles: straight lines and curves. It offers unmatched durability and a unique appearance, as well.

The professionals at JL Property Services, LLC can install your decorative concrete edging with unmatched precision, enhancing your home or business's property for years to come. Contact us today to learn the difference concrete edging can make for your property.

Versatile Edging Solutions

Flower Beds, Walkways, and More

We will begin with an initial consultation and assessment, realizing your needs and goals for your landscape. We'll carefully inspect your property and make recommendations that compliment your new or existing landscape. Our team will create an edging design that fulfills all your practical and aesthetic needs.

Landscape Edging: Precise Concrete Pours

As leaders in hardscaping and decorative concrete, we use only the highest quality concrete combined with the best available equipment. We'll pour and mold the concrete with the utmost precision and complete a distinctive pattern and look.

In no time, you'll be preparing your newly edged flower beds.

Add Concrete Curbing to All Landscapes

We provide concrete edging services to both homes and businesses. Properties of all sizes or topography levels can be beautified with custom edging.

Based on your schedule and budget, we will add custom hardscaping touches that your property needs. Your edging will retain its appearance and condition for years, offering exceptional resistance to the elements.

Skilled Hardscaping Professionals

Our landscapers have been serving property owners in the area for a number of years. Our full range of services is tailored to the needs of each home or business owner.

Our team is experienced, qualified, and has extensive skills and training in concrete pouring and landscape design. We use the latest and most innovative tools and methods to offer creative, artistic hardscaping additions that last for years. Our edging will prove to be the perfect addition to your property.

Add a personal touch to your residential or commercial property with custom edging.

Add Concrete Edging to Your Property

Whether you are an avid green thumb or simply wish to add a unique touch to your landscape, JL Property Services, LLC can help. Our concrete edges are perfect for any home or business.

Contact us to learn more.

Why Concrete Edging Over Traditional Edging Systems?

Decorative concrete edging has the flexibility to follow multiple curves and terrains, allowing for greater creativity in your landscape design. It does not rust like steel edging, break and lift like plastic edging or rot like wood. This makes it the perfect "maintenance free" landscape material.

What Are The Benefits Of Concrete Edging?

Decorative concrete edging provides a permanent, durable and professional barrier for weeds while keeping mulch and landscape material in the planting bed (where it should be)! It reduces time consuming trimming as your mower can cut to the edging, unlike wood or plastic edging which can be damaged by your lawn equipment or damage the equipment.

Where Can Concrete Edging Be Used?

Decorative concrete edging can be used anywhere traditional edging can be installed. Planting beds, mailboxes, flag poles, playgrounds, sandboxes, ponds or pools are just some of the options. Tree rings can be a problem for traditional edging due to the roots, however concrete edging can give you the look that you want without being harmful to the tree because it is poured at grade level and above crucial roots that may need to be removed during installation of other edging.

Are There Any Cost Benefits To Concrete Edging?

Concrete edging is a specialty service that we offer to our clients. Adding concrete edging to our list of landscape services offered separates JL Property Services, LLC from other landscape contractors because we are your one contractor from start to finish for your landscape needs. With our experience installing miles of edging in the past 6 years we are sure to provide the quality and service that you would expect. This experience allows us to complete your project in a time efficient and cost effective manner. Expect your new concrete edging to last for many years beyond traditional edging methods (metal, plastic, etc.), saving you time and money of replacing your edging every few years.