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Here are some common questions that we encounter when our clients are looking to enhance their landscape or maintain their property throughout New Berlin and surrounding areas.

Q. Is There A Charge To Provide Me With An Initial Estimate?

A. No, we provide free estimates to all of our clients, however due to the complexity of most estimates we do not provide pricing on site. Usually you will receive a detailed estimate within 2 to 3 business days of the initial meeting.

Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes, we are fully insured and meet all requirements to operate in the state of Wisconsin.

Q. When will my project be done?

A. Our backlog varies depending on weather and the time of the year. Generally after the final contract has been signed you can expect to have your project started within 3 to 4 weeks. Every project is different and we will cater to your time frame and budget to make the project go as smooth as possible.

Q. Do you offer any warranty for your work?

A. We are confident in the work that we provide for our clients and offer a 1 year warranty on any landscape installation. We also warranty any plant installation for 1 year if we purchase the plants. A warranty on plant installation will cover 50% of the cost whether it be labor or plant material. This 50% warranty is in place to provide some due diligence on the customer to provide the plants with proper care after we complete the project.

Q. Do you offer a full maintenance program?

A. Yes, whether you need a new landscape installation or just are looking for a professional service to maintain your property without the hassle of doing it yourself, we are your "one stop shop". We specialize in landscape installation, landscape maintenance as well as a lawn care, fertilizer and weed control program to keep your lawn and planting beds healthy and weed free throughout the year.

Q. What if it rains when my job is scheduled?

A. We try to keep in contact with our clients as much as possible to make sure that we don't have any scheduling issues. In saying that, the weather can be a factor in the timing of your project. We are constantly monitoring the weather and will notify you several days before the scheduled start date to confirm.

Q. Can I purchase the materials and have you do the work?

A. Yes, we will work with you throughout the bidding process to make sure that you get only the services requested. However, we generally recommend that we purchase the materials. We work with our suppliers (from block, pavers, nursery stock, etc.) and are confident that we can get the best product at a competitive rate that will last for years to come.

Q. When do you need payment for my landscape project?

A. Each project is different so there are different options that we discuss through the bidding process. Generally for projects under $3,000.00, we accept full payment upon completion. If you have a larger project of $3,000.00 and up we request 50% down payment at the contract signing and 50% due at the completion of the project.

Q. Will You Deliver Material For Me And I’ll Do The Work Myself?

A. Unfortunately we are not a landscape supply company. We use local suppliers to get material for our jobs, and it is not feasible for us just to deliver material to customers. Many of the local suppliers will be more than happy to deliver directly to you.