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Looking for a more "Set in stone look"? Decorative stone is a great way to eliminate yearly maintenance and provide a long lasting look. Chances are you’ve seen decorative stone in planting beds around Menomonee Falls and surrounding areas, but if you’ve ever wondered what the benefits are, you’ve come to the right place!

The main benefit of decorative stone is low maintenance. When installing decorative stone we recommend installing a layer of weed barrier before the stone is installed. Installing weed barrier does more than block weeds from coming up it also provides the ability to preserve soil moisture, improve soil health, and with a decorative stone of your choice serving as a visually interesting addition to your existing landscape. Decorative stone is more labor intensive and initially cost more upfront, but the long term savings is well worth the upfront cost since stone does not fade or decompose.

What Options Do You Have For Decorative Stone?

JL Property Services, LLC offers many of options to provide you with exactly what decorative stone you desire. Working with our suppliers we can offer up to 30 different styles and pricing to fit your budget. During our consultation we will establish exactly what look you are aiming for. With so much variety available, JL Property Services, LLC is sure to find a decorative stone that will make your yard look great in no time.

For Your Decorative Stone Needs, Contact JL Property Services, LLC.

If you think stone is a option you would like to consider, please give JL Property Services, LLC a call today and let us take care of everything for you. After a consultation to assess your needs, our friendly and experienced staff will get to right to work!