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Wood Plank

Wood plank is the most recent addition to our concrete edging options. We start with the same process as the slanted curbing, and use the latest installation techniques to achieve the look of a distressed wooden plank. This gives you the same durability that the curbing provides, with a more rustic feel and look that you may desire!

Wood Plank: Stamped Concrete Patterns Inspired by Nature

When you want a clean, crisp landscape and beautiful gardens that are well defined, wood-plank stamped concrete is a natural first choice for exquisite garden and lawn edges. The breathtaking simplicity and beauty of the pattern will give your garden a long-lasting barrier that will keep your flower beds secure and thriving for much longer.

Our installation technicians are masters of our craft and go to great lengths to ensure your desires are met throughout the design and installation process. From making sure the ground is prepared and ready to receive the concrete to stamping each piece of edging with care, we produce finished results that are second to none. Moreover, our knowledge and experience mean we can quickly solve challenges, customizing solutions that add top value to your property.

Explore the natural elegance of stamped wood edging made from durable concrete materials. Call to schedule a consultation with our industry-leading experts.

How We Stamp Concrete Edges

You may be surprised to know how many things we must consider when stamping concrete edges. Ensuring each stamp is placed in the sequence in which the concrete is laid plays a prominent role in the design's success. Also, alignment is the key to a seamless installation, and our technicians perform frequent checks to ensure your edges line up effortlessly.

Create the landscape you've always dreamed of. Speak to our certified professionals about achieving the wood plank textures that create the perfect garden and lawn surroundings.

The Benefits of Using Stamped Concrete for Garden Bed Edging

When properly installed and well-maintained, your stamped concrete can last up to 25 years. This is undoubtedly a wise investment for garden lovers who want to keep the exterior of their homes looking stunning for many years to come.

Beyond that, there are many additional perks associated with solid concrete garden edges, including:

  • Curb appeal and property value improve when lawns and gardens look clean, with crisp lines and a well-maintained appearance.
  • Concrete edges provide a significant barrier for rouge turf grass that would like to make its way into your beloved garden beds.
  • If your flowers and shrubbery are known to self-seed or spread quickly, a concrete barrier is an excellent choice to help restrict these plantings from becoming a part of your grass.
  • A properly edged garden protects the roots of your plants by keeping soil and mulch from eroding faster.
  • And more!

Learn more about the benefits of adding a wood plank texture to your garden, driveway, or lawn edges. Call today to schedule a non-committal consultation.

Lawn Edging Installation

We use well-maintained tools and equipment to carefully produce the lawn edging installation work that meets your every expectation. We promise you top-quality craftsmanship and a professional finish every time.

Count on us for meticulous design, preparation, and installation that lasts. Call our team today to get started by booking a risk-free consultation.

Concrete Lawn Borders

JL Property Services, LLC is a certified expert in the design and installation of concrete lawn borders, including the wood plank designs that will make your backyard complete. Reach our experts at (262) 853-5621 to learn more about our forward-thinking installation techniques.