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Spring Clean Ups

After a long harsh winter one of the first things that needs to be addressed to ensure your home or business is ready to look its best for the summer is a spring clean up. There may be turf damage from the snow and ice melting. Maybe there was some damage done during clearing the driveway or parking lot during the winter months. It is also very common to have debris in planting beds and other areas of the property.

At JL Property Services, LLC our crew can usually get your property cleaned up and ready for summer within a day! We use updated equipment to ensure that the job gets done both quickly and efficiently. Each property is different, so we take the time to meet and go over exactly what services you would like to have done. Some of our most common services offered for a spring clean up include:

  • Turf Repair
    Raking out and removing dead or damaged grass, adding a layer of fresh screened topsoil, and reseeding the damaged areas.
  • Power Blowing
    We take the time to clear out all planting beds and areas where the winter winds may have blown garbage and other debris that are now "trapped" in your yard.
  • Planting Bed Prep
    Most perennials are cut back in fall, however it is common to leave taller ornamental grasses up during the winter. We cut them back to give them a fresh start for the season ahead!
  • Thatching
    Spring is the best time to thatch a lawn. Please see our dethatching page for more details!
  • Mulch Installation
    We offer a variety of natural and dyed mulches to compliment your home or business.

Fall Clean Ups

The final step in preparing your home or business for winter is a fall clean up. In Wisconsin, many of our trees and shrubbery shed their leaves and foliage for winter. Perennials have gone dormant, leaving the flowers that once bloomed beautifully into a pile of debris in your planting beds. That's where JL Property Services, LLC comes in. We have the tools and equipment to get your yard ready for the winter ahead! Some of our most common services offered for a fall clean up include:

  • Leaf Clean Up
    After the leaves have fallen, they can take hours or days for you to rake up. We use vacuum bagger systems on our lawn mowers to remove and haul away every leaf on your property. This also gives you a final lawn cut in the process!
  • Perennial Care
    After your perennials have finished blooming for the season, they need to be cut back to prepare them for spring.
  • Hedge Trimming
    Fall is a great time to perform the final "shaping" of the shrubbery around your property. Most shrubs are dormant for the winter and hedge trimming will not have as much of an impact on them as it would during the summer months when they are seeking nutrients.
  • Gutter Cleaning
    When the leaves fall, they don't always land on the lawn. Many homes have large trees that shed onto the roof and can clog the rain gutters causing potential problems down the road.
  • Power Blowing
    Just as mentioned in the spring clean up, however there is usually much more debris during the fall.
  • Core Aeration
    Fall is the best time to aerate your lawn. Please see our aeration page for more details!

Seasonal Programs

If you are looking to spend more of your time enjoying your weekends and not doing yard work, contact JL Property Services, LLC today to ask us about our clean up packages. We will come out and provide you with a free estimate!

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