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Snow removal is only part of the battle winter brings to our area. While our professional crews are more than capable of removing snow from the property, ice control is a whole different factor. Our crews have been using quality de-icing agents and salt to keep your properties safe in the most treacherous of conditions and reduce litigation exposure.

A Complete Line Of Ice Control Services

We provide a hardworking and qualified work crew for the following services:

  • Rock salt applications
  • Calcium Chloride applications
  • Parking lot applications
  • Sidewalk applications
  • De-icing
  • Ice removal

Our Approach To Ice Control

JL Property Services, LLC uses the latest equipment to give us the edge over ice. From our large dump trucks all the way down to a sidewalk spreader, we pride ourselves on being able to handle any ice event that may come our way. Our large salt storage located at our shop gives us instant access to ice’s worst enemy.

Over the years our experience has given us much insight in the most effective ways of dealing with ice. We have many different tools and materials in our arsenal to quickly and efficiently remove ice from your property. We work with our customers every year to provide them with accurate and realistic usage amounts for de-icing agents. JL Property Services, LLC only uses the best of materials to keep ice at bay. While many people may think that all salt is equal, JL Property Services, LLC understands that different chemical agents can vastly change the performance of salt.

Don't Let Ice Get In The Way of Your Business

Don’t let harsh weather conditions interfere with your business. JL Property Services, LLC understands how important ice control is in keeping daily business running smoothly. Most importantly we want all of our customers to have a safe property for your employees and your customers. Slip-falls can result in unwanted financial burdens, and JL Property Services, LLC has the right equipment and material to keep the ice controlled for you.