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Are your planting beds plagued by weeds? Are you tired of spending your free time fighting a never ending battle? At JL Property Services, LLC we offer a full maintenance program that will be sure to keep your planting beds looking great! Our friendly certified technicians have the knowledge to identify, treat and prevent future weed growth. Over the years we have found that a planting bed maintenance program not only provides a clean look but is also beneficial to the health of your plants. If not properly maintained, weeds can quickly take over your planting beds causing your shrubbery and perennials to be choked and starved of the nutrients that they need.

Our Approach

For best results, we recommend an 8 application program. This allows us to make one to two visits per month at your property to stay on top of those pesky weeds. When signed up on our program, you can expect to see results within a couple days.

If you feel your planting beds could use some help, please contact us today for pricing and further details!