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While many people think of fertilizer simply as food for their lawn, in reality it’s much more than that. Fertilizers allow your lawn to receive important nutrients it might not otherwise receive, giving it a much needed boost.

JL Property Services, LLC can help you make informed decisions about which fertilizer is best for your lawn. After all, fertilizers aren’t one-size-fits-all; the wrong fertilizer could overload your lawn with nutrients it has already received plenty of, and what’s the use in that?

Boost Your Soil Health with Fertilizer

Rather than thinking of fertilizer as a snack for your lawn, we recommend imagining it as a way of giving the soil a bit of much needed nutrition.

If, for example, your soil is lacking in nitrogen, your lawn may appear stunted, because it is unable to produce new cells, and therefore are unable to properly grow. JL Property Services, LLC has a wealth of experience working with our trained lawn technicians, so we are able to provide you with valuable insight into how to achieve, and then care for, a thriving lawn. Below is our approach to achieving and maintaining the healthy lawn results you are looking for.

Reliable Lawn Fertilizing

If you're looking to invest in the health and beauty of your property, you should speak to the lawn experts at JL Property Services, LLC about our fertilization services. Our team has a proven track record of excellent service, and our sparkling reputation is the result of our dedication to our customers. From basic treatments to help the look of your yard to nitrogen-rich fertilizer that strengthens the plants on your property, we provide reliable fertilizing services that boost the look and health of your yard.

When you hire us for your fertilizing needs, your concerns will be heard, and your needs will be attended to. We pride ourselves on our reliability, so our technicians show up on time, work hard to complete your project efficiently, and leave no part of your property untreated.

Improve Your Property Health with Fertilization

While many people only think about fertilizing their lawns in the spring, the team at JL Property Services, LLC understands that different properties have different fertilization needs. Additionally, our fertilization programs don't just promote new growth; they also help control the growth of weeds. Our team of lawn care experts has the knowledge and expertise to assess and manage the needs of your property.

When you hire us for fertilization, our services will provide the following benefits:

  • Improved plant growth
  • Increased oxygen and nitrogen soil content
  • Protection of soil's natural properties
  • Resistance to pests
  • Weed control and reduction
  • Increased resistance to diseases
  • And more!

Affordable Fertilizing Services

At JL Property Services, LLC, we value our customers, so we work hard to keep our prices affordable. Fertilizing services shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg; when you hire our team, they won't. We provide transparent financing information on our services and precise financial breakdowns of our labor and material costs. We'll never subject our clients to hidden fees, and we pride ourselves on the honesty of our work.

Eco-Friendly Fertilizer

When fertilizing your yard, it's crucial to use a product that doesn't provide short-term fixes while damaging your property in the long run. And when you partner with JL Property Services, LLC for fertilization, you get access to eco-friendly products applied by an experienced team.

Over the years, we've worked with countless clients, many of whom have invested in fertilizers that did more harm than good in the long run. So, our team carefully selects the type of fertilizer and application programs that suit your needs and keep your entire property healthy.

The Best Fertilizing Services Available

If you're looking for the best company to fertilize your yard, look no further than JL Property Services, LLC. We have worked hard to establish ourselves as a top property management company, and our dedication to our craft has helped us become the best at what we do. We offer consultations, landscape maintenance, lawn care, edging, fertilization, and other property services. From spring through the fall, our skilled team works tirelessly to support our clients and increase their properties' health and curb appeal.

Regardless of your needs or the state of your yard, our team has the expertise and resources to transform your property into a lush, healthy oasis. We're confident we'll be able to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations.


1. Spring Application (Late March / April)
Consists of a balanced fertilizer, pre-emergent crabgrass control, and weather permitting; a broadleaf weed control.

2. Late Spring Application (May / June)
Consists of a balanced fertilizer and broadleaf weed control.

3. Summer Application (July / August)
Consists of a slow release balanced rate of fertilizer and a spot application of broadleaf weed control as needed.

4. Late Summer Application (August / September)
Consists of a balanced fertilizer and broadleaf weed control.

5. Fall Application (October / November)
Consists of a heavy winterizing rate of fertilizer that is designed to help stimulate the root system for winter months and provide early spring green up.

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If you’ve struggled to achieve results in the past to no avail, get in touch with JL Property Services, LLC today and schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced lawn experts.